Biogas Energy

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ARF Biogas Energy Production

“Ödemiş Biogas Plant” is an investment by ARF BIO. All permissions required for the project have been obtained from EMRA and the relevant Ministries, including a Production License issued by EMRA (License no. EÜ/8067-1/04054 dated 29 September 2018).

The plant’s provisional acceptance took place on 26 October 2018 for 0,6 MWe, and on 08 December 2019 for 4,2 MWe. The electrical energy generated at the plant is sold at current RESSM (Renewable Energy Sources Support Mechanism) rates. Located in Izmir’s Ödemiş district, Bozcayaka village, the project with 4,8 MWe installed capacity is one of Türkiye’s plants with the highest installed capacity. Ödemiş Biogas Plant can generate an average of 36.000.000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is enough to meet the entire daily electrical energy needs of 35.000 people; and considering only domestic energy consumption, the plant will be capable of meeting the electrical energy needs of up to 10.000 households.


Biogas technology enables energy generation from wastes of organic origin and adds life to soil with fertilizers produced therefrom. It is a renewable, environmentally friendly source of energy and fertilizer.

Biogas is a colorless - odorless gas mixture lighter than air, which burns with a bright blue flame and is obtained through fermentation of organic-based waste and residues in an oxygen-free (anaerobic) environment, composed of methane (40-70%), carbon dioxide (30-60%), hydrogen sulfide (0.3%) and very small amounts of nitrogen and hydrogen depending on the organic substances found in its composition.

Methane gas emitted by organic wastes in natural environment can create a greenhouse effect 23 times higher than carbon dioxide, when not controlled.