Biogas Energy

Biogas Energy
ARF Biogas Power Production

ARFBIO Renewable Energy Inc. with “Ödemiş Biogas PP” investment have completed the EMRA and other relevant Ministry permit processes and PRODUCTION LICENSE was acquired from EMRA for the facility in 29/09/2020 with production license no. EÜ/8067-7/04054.

Provisional acceptance of 0.6 MWe section was made in 26/10/2018 and the 4.2 MWe section was made in 08/12/2019, and produced power is being sold from REESM (Renewable Energy Resources Support Mechanism) since 2019. The Project is located at Bozcayaka village of Ödemiş District of İzmir and with its 4.8 capacity in total, it is among the power plants with the highest installed capacity. The Ödemiş Biogas Power Plant can supply entire electricity need of 35.000 persons with its average 36.000.000 kWhours power generation. If only residential power requirements are considered, Ödemiş Biogas Plant shall provide 10.000 households with power.