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PPD Information

This “Informative Text” is prepared in order to inform you how your data shall be processed and with whom it will be shared with, method of data collection and legal reasons and other rights as presented by article 11 of PPD Law, by the Data Collector ARF Yenilenebilir Enerji Üretim AŞ (ARF Renewable Energy) (as "ARF" henceforth") in accordance with the article 10 "Informative Clarification Text Responsibility of the Data Collector" and article 11 “Rights of Relevant Person” Law on Protection of Personal Data (PPD).

As per Law on Protection of Personal Data (PPD) dated 07/04/2016 and numbered 6698,if our customers share their personal data (PD) in order to use our services, our COMPANY, as data protector, shall record, store, update, re-update and share with 3rd parties in a limited manner, transfer and process within the framework of the Law. ARF takes necessary measures to provide suitable level of protection to prevent illegal use of and preserve your data during processing and transfer.

ARF, as Data Collector, can collect your data in written, verbal or electronic form through automated or non-automated methods from offices, branches, distributors, call center, website, social media and similar vehicles in order to allow our customers to make use of our services in relation to service, product or commercial activity provided by ARF and within legal framework pursuant to including but not limited to TCC No. 6102, Law on PPD No.6698, TCL No. 5237, Law on Regulation of Web Based Publications and Fight Against Crimes Related to E-Publications No.565 and related secondary legislations. Your personal data shall be preserved and updated as long as you continue using products and services of ARF. Furthermore, your personal data shall be recorded if you use our website or call center to use our company services, acquire material and/or service from our contracted locations and branches, participate in our educations, seminars, raffles or organizations.

In order for you to use services of AR, these personal data shall be processed with all necessary precautions and preserved as long as legal period or the process requires and shall be continued to be used as anonymous data after completion of permit or process with the condition of using the data as per Information on PPD and as per legal framework and especially Law on PPD art. 5/f.2. AFR checks these data periodically and anonymize them if required.

In order to serve you, the purpose of data process is in accordance with all national and international legislations and obligations of data storage, reporting, information foreseen by all authorities, and as per all recording and data management based on digital or paper process in order to identify ID, address and necessary other information of he one making the transaction.

In order to continue company activity, provide services, opportunities to our customers and increase service quality, ARF shall share your data, with all necessary precautions as per express consent or LoPPD art.5/f.2,with including but not limited to group companies, main shareholders, direct or indirect local or foreign stakeholders, institutions, call centers, attorneys, auditors, consultants and third persons that we acquire services from, contracted advertisement companies, partners, audit companies or as all institutions or authorities that have a right to request the data as per legal framework and all other authorities.

ARF shall not use your PD other than processing and shall not transfer and/or disclose your data to 3rd persons without your consent or as per legal framework. Our company reserve the right regarding data sharing as per legislation and/or legal authorities and public institutions.


You have the right to partially or entirely waive your permission allowing processing of your PD. Also, you have a right to a- learn if your PD is being processed, b-request information if your PD is processed,c-learn the purpose of the process and if your PD is used as per this purpose, d-learn 3rd local or foreign 3rd persons your data has been transferred to, e-ask for correction of your PD is processed wrong, f-ask for deletion or removal of your PD, g-inform 3rd parties in case you ask for correction, deletion or removal of your PD, h-object to any result against you due to automatic analysis of your data and i-ask for damages if you incur harm due to unlawful processing of your PD. ARF reserves its right in pursuant to this information sheet and legislation. We reserve to right to deny unreasonable requests and have a right to ask for compensation from you as per article 13 of LoPPD if any cost incurs.

We have to preserve records and documents or processes for 10 years as per legislation. If you request deletion of your PD, we shall do so at the end of this 10 year period. During this period, our company shall not process your PD, shall not transfer it to 3rd parties other than legally required ones and shall not send any information and advertisement to you.

Our request should be in writing as per LoPPD no 6698. For this purpose, the form given in the company website and including explanations about your rights that you want to use can be delivered to Cinnah Caddesi No. 52/7 Çankaya Ankara address with information proving your ID in person, through notary public or other methods mentioned in LoPPD. Updated information of Data Collector ARF can be acquired from Data Collectors Registry Information System (VERBİS).