Arf Bio

ARF Bio Renewable Energy Inc.

ARF was founded in 2015 in Ankara to operate in the renewable energy industry. Recognizing the huge opportunities in the solar, biomass and wind energy sectors in Türkiye, ARF started its investments with a 5.7 MW solar power plant in Konya’s Kadınhanı district, Şahören village.

Ödemiş Biogas Plant” is ARF’s second investment, which the company has made in the field of biomass under the name ARF BIO. All permissions required for the project have been obtained from EMRA and the relevant Ministries, including a Production License issued by EMRA (License no. EÜ/8067-1/04054 dated 29 September 2018). Located in Izmir’s Ödemiş district, Bozcayaka village, the project with 4,8 MWe installed capacity is one of Türkiye’s plants with the highest installed capacity. Ödemiş Biogas Plant can generate an average of 36.000.000 kilowatt-hours of electricity, which is enough to meet the entire daily electrical energy needs of 35.000 people; and considering only domestic energy consumption, the plant will be capable of meeting the electrical energy needs of up to 10.000 households.

The conversion of wastes causing environmental pollution into end products with high efficiency, and especially the concepts of 'zero waste' and 'recycling' are indispensable in today’s world. Biogas Technology, which enables energy generation from wastes of organic origin, increases soil productivity with organic and organomineral fertilizers and helps protect the environment.

ARF Ödemiş Biogas Plant protects the environment by generating energy from plant wastes and dairy cattle manure and adds life to soil with fertilizers produced therefrom. Animal and plant wastes, which pose a problem for human and environmental health, are processed in our biogas plant to produce thermal and electrical energy and convert the wastes into organic and organomineral fertilizers that are very beneficial for the soil.

We use HFA (humic-fulvic acids) and highly beneficial active nutrients in our solid and liquid fertilizers. Our products are free of elements that may cause salinity and lime in the soil, such as heavy metals, sodium, carbonate (CO3) and bicarbonate (HCO3). In calcareous soils with high pH values, most of the nitrogen is washed or volatilized from the soil. Most of the phosphorus is retained by lime and the benefit of potassium is reduced. The fertilizers by ARF BIO eliminate these problems and contribute to soil fertility. Our solid and liquid fertilizers have been registered per the regulations of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry subsequent to meticulous analysis, taking into account both the needs of farmers and the climate and soil characteristics. We engage in continuous R&D studies to add region-specific products to our fertilizer range.

We work toward adding economic value to our valuable agriculturists with high-efficiency fertilizers that will enable a high yield.

We wish all farmers a productive and profitable harvest.

Board of Directors


Our mission is to contribute to the energy needs of our country with renewable energy and to offer quality products for organic farming all over the world with highly motivated expert staff, always acting responsibly and with high environmental awareness.


Our vision is to become a global leader in our industry.